Olympic Peninsula


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” - John Muir

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Stunning rain forests

Beautiful pacific coast

Many lakes and hikes

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Stay for at least 4 days

Bring a range of clothes no matter the season

Beautiful experiences await all year around

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Oh the Pacific Northwest

A while ago I treated myself to a two week get away to the US west coast for my birthday. I went on a solo trip fulfilling some of my deepest wishes going to some of my favorite places again and exploring new ones that I had longed to see for so long. After flying to Seattle and staying there for a few days, my first itinerary was the Olympic Peninsula - my all time favorite place. 

Pro tip: Don't forget your hiking gear!

I based myself in Port Angeles - a rather small city you might have heard before if you have ever seen the Twilight movies. From there I could reach all the places I had planned to visit in under two hours drive. It was late March and up in the mountains was still a lot of snow - so unfortunately some of the places were still closed and I had to make different plans. So the first day I just went to my little happy place - Second Beach, La Push. The trail leading to the beach is pretty short leading through some of the largest pine trees I have ever seen. But the last part right in front of the beach leads over a couple meters of old logs where you have to climb somewhat in order to make it to the white sand. 

No problem every other human would say - but if you know me and know how scared I am of heights this meant a huge challenge for me. Maybe one of the reasons I had come on this trip alone - to stand up against my fear. After making one step at a time I had finally made it to the beach. It was a sunny day here - unlike Port Angeles where I had escaped fog and gloomy weather. I stood right there for probably half an hour unable to move and in awe once again - because oh my is it beautiful out here. 

When I had taken it all in and also taken enough pictures to fill a book I used my not really needed jacket as a pillow to sit on and made myself comfortable on the sand leaning against the logs. Enjoying the sunshine warming my face and listening to the sound of the waves - only a few people came by every once in a while. Nothing has ever calmed me more than the sound of the ocean. A few days before turning 26 I couldn’t have been any happier. 

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” - John Muir

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” - John Muir

On my way back that day I took a little - or maybe not so little - detour to see another place I hadn’t been to before. The northwesternmost point of the contiguous US - Cape Flattery. A little longer hike leads you down to a lookout over some majestic rocks in the ocean, on the Tatoosh Island and towards the north you will even be able to see Canada. Be sure to get your recreation pass by the Makah Tribe in order to park at the trailhead. 

I stayed there for a while - taking in some other kind of beauty - most of the time by myself. I watched the sea gulls fly by and the little lighthouse on the island brave the wind and waves. I walked back to the car before it got dark and drove a long way back to Port Angeles, falling into bed the moment I entered my room - I had big and most of all early plans for the next day. 

I had seen too many pictures of the lookout from Mount Storm King and had decided to give this hike a try for sunrise. So I started early and drove the little ways to the trailhead. Well prepared I began the hike - half an hour later I reached a passage that seemed to have been washed out by the rain of the last days. It was a steep part where I would have to make what seemed like a one meter high step with nowhere to hold on to. Trying to brave my fear - I gave my best a couple of times, always sliding back down though. I gave up and instead watched the sunrise by the lakeside - pink clouds forming and dissolving. 

I went back into the rain forest when it was bright going on a short walk to find some waterfalls and just have a look at all the trees and amazingly green vegetation - something I had never quite seen before. The trees were as high as I could look up to, the earth was covered by ferns and moss making me feel as if I was standing in some kind of fantasy world. Complete wilderness and not one living soul I had seen all morning. 

I went back to Port Angeles and caught up on some sleep before I had an idea - if I couldn’t have a good view by hiking up, maybe there was another way? So I called a local flying service and asked for a short plane ride over the Olympics and Lake Crescent. A couple hours later that’s where I was - on the most scenic plane ride I have ever been on! From snow covered peaks over the crystal clear lake through some small clouds - this might have been the best early birthday present ever!

Pro tip: Take a look from the top and treat yourself to a plane ride!

I hope you found this post helpful and enjoyed this little stay on the Olympic Peninsula as much as I did! I would love to hear your travel adventures and if you have been to the Pacific Northwest - feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via email!

November 27, 2020
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