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My name is Hanna and I'm the one behind Hanna roams. I am a professional photographer in Munich and work with private and business clients in Bavaria and Germany. My client work is focussed on portraits, weddings, couples and families, business photography as well as anything regarding outdoor and travel.

Besides that, I love to share some of my favorite moments with you and encourage you to explore your backyard, wherever that might be. With this blog I want to inspire you to get outside, enjoy our beautiful planet and travel the world in an intentional and sustainable way.

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View from Neureuth hike, Tegernsee

How To Behave Ethically Outdoors

You love the outdoors? Hiking trips, camping trips and just exploring our beautiful planet? Then you should also educate yourself in ethical behaviour outdoors. This means things like taking your trash with you after a lunch break, treating other hikers/outdoor lovers with respect, behaving quietly and responsibly not just for the environment but also for all wildlife affected by you. In this blog post I have gathered the main principles when it comes to ethical behaviour for your outdoor adventures. I am also including some further resources and guidelines you should be aware of if you are visiting national parks or conservation areas. I encourage you to not only comply with these guidelines but also to encourage others to do the same!

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