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Alps & Dolomites Photo Tour

Recently I went on a photo tour through the Alps and Dolomites with talented photographer Carmen Huter and the most amazing group of people. We had the best time exploring, hiking, learning about photography and even got the incredible chance to photograph the milky way. Below you can find just a few of the amazing impressions we created.

From Frozen Lakes to Golden Hour

We went to lake Eibsee on a cold spring morning hoping to catch a beautiful sunrise there. We waited a while for the sun to rise and light up the mountain - which happened only for a split second - we decided to take a quick walk around the still mostly frozen lake. Once we were back at our starting point, the golden light had still not arrived. Just a tiny bit disappointed we headed back home but took a more scenic route instead of the fastest way home.
This was the best decision we made all day - we came across an unknown place offering amazing views just as the sun had made it over the mountains. We stayed a while - taking in the views and absorbing all the long needed sunshine we could get. We couldn't have asked for a better place to be right that moment!

Frozen lake Eibsee
Hiking around frozen lake Eibsee

Quiet Morning in the Ammergauer Alps

On a sunny Wednesday morning I decicded to go on a hike to the Hörnle in the Ammergauer Alps. I got to the parking lot just at sunrise and when I took off the sun slowly started to show itself and paint the sky a soft pink and purple. Walking through the forest, the golden light painted a beautiful scene made my heart jump more than once. The only living beings I saw this magical morning were two deer enjoying their breakfast a little ways off the trail. After a while of hiking I found myself an amazing spot for my own breakfast - taking in the mountain views in the distance. Before continuing my hike I sat at this same spot for probably two hours - listening to the birds greeting the spring time - with no other human around. Moments like this make me smile and feel as happy as ever!

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